Cartez Augustus


I am an UX/UI Designer and problem-solver. I focus my work in the mobile industry.

My Focus

My mission is to work with companies in the mobile industry, communicating application design principles and strategies for ongoing development. I am here to create a better interface and experience for the user. Simplifying the communication barriers by bridging the gap between the users, designers and developers.

How I Work

I love to gather all the details with my team members present as this is a good way to start off a strong project when collaborating with others. Next, is the sketching and brainstorming phase before talking and learning from the actual users. During this period there will be many conversations to solve the difficult problems and review all project details as I work closely with my team members. I usually create quick visualizations for the project to help communicate reseach findings as it usually help everyone involved understand all the factors involved with the project.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me about any business opportunities.