UTD Wireframe

The Problem

The department's website was confusing. Dozens of people complained daily about the layout of the website. The UTD Career Center is one of the top sites for the University, averaging over 400,000 monthly views, as a link for the department sits on the UT Dallas homepage.

Concepts & Insights

I partnered with two Directors and the campus designer to get insights and concepts by having access to all backend analytics.

UTD Wireframe

Experience Interaction

I created wireframes and prototypes to share my vision. This helped to gain ideas and make adjustments.

Planning & Scope Definition

I established the new product with my Director. I pushed for user simplicity by minimizing clicks to achieve the same goal by testing our changes on hundreds of actual students that visited our office. I prioritised and negotiated features.

UTD Wireframe


I designed across and collaborated with the campus web designer.

UTD Wireframe

Execution & Validation

I confirmed that the mobile and desktop experience was the same across all popular applications.


I designed and presented to Directors, designers, staff and hundreds of unbiased students throughout this project's lifecycle.

Simple Is BETTER

UTD Career Center Hierachy

The plan was to bring the total pages under 50. The web analytics and documentation of complaints confirmed only several of the 160+ pages were even visited. I worked with the counselors and staff to simplify several of the pages within each of their areas to eliminate all the redunancy. This allowed for the web hierachy to be modified.

UTD Summer Questionnaire


Through months of research and experimentation, the product was significantly improved, and within UT Dallas guidelines. The complaints dropped down to single digits per week and staff was able to use their time not answering emails and calls about their area of the website.


Appdore Homepage

The Problem

The website has steady traffic due to the recent features and reviews. However the site instantly push visitors to the app stores. The goal is to get some of the traffic to stay on the website longer and play a few games online to generate more ad revenue.

Appdore New Homepage Concept

Appdore New Homepage Concept

Appdore New Homepage


A fully responsive website that has bolder text and bigger icons, a simple change that other successful mobile developers use. The site now looks great on mobile and desktop and has a spotlight area on the top converting game rather than listing all games in order. Mobile and desktop visitors can quickly download the iOS apps as the reviews are much higher. Additionally visitors can play the HTML5 version of the popular games, if the download page fails to convert.